Project Comeback

Starting a journal to share some of our smaller personal projects.

Project Comeback, founded by Lindsay Andon, is a Massachusetts-based non-profit whose mission is to rescue horses. By pairing them with people, primarily veterans, who are currently working through various traumas,  the group patiently reeducates the horses through loving connection. 

The horses at Project Comeback range from wild mustangs from the southwest to abandoned and abused racehorses. No one rides or tacks the horses. The program is built upon mutual consent-based work where the horses are loose and free.

We photographed Gladys “Gigi” Garcia and her children. One day her GPS glitched leaving her little lost on her way home. Gigi ended up driving by the main field where she saw “the most glorious sight ever: beautiful majestic horses running free.” She pulled over to look at them for a moment where she ended up meeting Lindsay who explained the program to her. Gigi happened to be struggling with post-partum depression and found so much peace and coping through her time with the horses. 

From that day on, she continued to return to farm nearly every week thereafter…eventually bringing her children along with her. 

 “The horses do not judge me, they are gentle, and they are kind. Learning to understand and speak the language of this magnificent species is one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had. 

 Like some of these horses, I have suffered my fair share of abuse and trials, and the work Lindsay has done and continues to do in order to give these animals a better quality of living gives me hope that I can change my life for the better as well. I am living proof that you don’t have to be what you went through.”

Also photographed are veterans, Dave and Scott. Scott spoke about how most veteran support is only offered once folks have reached a crisis point. Project Comeback offers long-term support for folks at any stage of their own personal development. Scott even started to bring his mother, Linda (also photographed) once he discovered how special and transformative building relationships with horses can be.

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